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Boards & Commissions

A complete list of city departments is also available.

MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesCity Commission
The City Commission receives advice and recommendations from many boards and commissions. The boards and commissions are staffed by volunteers and focus on a particular subject matter.
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesAirport Advisory Board
The Airport Advisory Board consists of seven citizens appointed by the City Commission. The Airport Advisory Board's main purpose is to provide advice and recommendations that could be helpful to the City Commission in improving the operations and facilities at the municipal airport.
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesBuilding Code Board of Appeals
The Building Code Board of Appeals will determine the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction, and provides for reasonable interpretation of the provisions of the Building Code. Members must be qualified by experience and training in order to provide these interpretations on matters pertaining to building construction. The five members shall consist of one architect or engineer, one citizen-at-large and three people engaged in the trade. Each appointee shall not succeed himself/herself to more than one succeeding five year term.
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesCommunity Corrections Advisory Board
The Community Corrections Advisory Board was established for the purpose of formulating a corrections plan for the community. The organization presents recommendations for operating within certain guidelines.
MinutesAgendasMeeting Dates(913) 680-2626Leavenworth Preservation Commission
The Leavenworth Preservation Commission membership includes at least one architect, one real estate professional, one planning commissioner, and one historian as well as members at large. The Board inventories, promotes, preserves and enhances places, area, features or sites within the City that have special significance of an architectural, archaeological, cultural or historical sense. The Board advises the City Commission and cooperates with other historic agencies and organizations concerning preservation of the city's historic and cultural heritage.
MinutesAgendasMeeting Dates(913) 680-2628Community Development Advisory Board
Leavenworth is an entitlement city in the Community Development Block Grant Program which helps low income families through assistance for improved housing and removal of blight or conditions that cause blight. The Community Development Advisory Board's chief responsibility is to oversee the conduct of the Community Development Block Grant from U.S. Housing and Urban Development.
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesDeer Management Advisory Committee
The Deer Management Advisory Committee shall make reports and recommendations to the Governing Body on all matters relating to the efficient and effective operation of the deer management program.
MinutesAgendasMeeting Dates(913) 651-2203Parks & Community Activities Advisory Board
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesElectrical Board of Appeals
The Board of Electrical Examiners consists of five members: an engineer or architect, a citizen at large, and three people licensed and engaged in the trade. Each appointee shall not succeed himself to more than one succeeding five year term.
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesJustice Center Building Committee
The Justice Center Building Committee is responsible for future consideration of expansion requests or changes and development of an annual budget and schedule for maintenance and operations, to include repair or replacement of mechanical, structural, and other system components.
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesLeavenworth Planning Commission
The Planning Commission consists of seven members living within the city limits of Leavenworth. They meet monthly and upon special call. Kansas law calls for Planning Commissions to adopt comprehensive plans, special planning studies, and to recommend to the City Commission actions on rezoning requests.
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesBoard of Zoning Appeals
The Board of Zoning Appeals is a citizen board created as a result of the adoption of the zoning ordinance. The board functions in a "quasi-judicial" fashion to grant relief to specific zoning requirements. They exist by state legislation allowing cities to regulate land use through zoning. The decision process in granting variances is regulated by the local zoning ordinance. Other duties of this board include hearing appeals to administrative interpretation of the zoning ordinance and exceptions as listed in the ordinance.
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesLibrary Board
The Library Board is responsible for the general operation and maintenance of the City Library and makes and adopts rules and regulations for the administration of the library.
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesMechanical Board of Appeals
The Mechanical Board of Appeals consists on an architect or engineer, a citizen at large and three people engaged in the trade. The Board reviews and recommends interpretations of the Uniform Mechanical Code to the City Commission and conducts hearings for appeals as needed in connection with heating, cooling, venting and other mechanical issues.
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesPlumbing Board of Appeals
The Board reviews and recommends interpretations of the Uniform Plumbing Code to the City Commission for adoption every three years. The Board issues plumbers and gas fitters certification.
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesSister City Advisory Board
The purpose of the board is to seek, support, coordinate, foster and develop Sister City programs, cultural and governmental in nature; appoint such project subcommittees as needed to fulfill the obligations of the board; and to raise and receive monies and accept any gift or donation to the Sister City Exchange Program.
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesConvention & Tourism Committee
This board makes recommendations concerning the programs and expenditures for promotion of conventions and tourism.
MinutesAgendasMeeting DatesSidewalk Advisory Board
The purpose of the Sidewalk Advisory Board is to make reports and recommendations to the Governing Body on all matters relating to the location, construction and maintenance of sidewalks throughout the City.