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Convention & Tourism Committee



10 members - 3 year terms, appointed by the City Commission




Quarterly, 4th Wednesday in March, June, September and December/or as needed. Lunch time meetings.


Staff Contact:  

Ten-member committee comprised of at least 2 members from the local hotel industry, 3 members from the tourist attraction industry and 1 member from Fort Leavenworth. In appointing such members, the City shall attempt to create a representative balance of large and small businesses, and businesses from the various geographical areas of the City. Each appointee shall not succeed themselves to more than one succeeding three year term. The Assistant to the City Manager and the Riverfront Community Center Manager shall be the City's representatives to the Committee and shall be ex-officio. A representative from the Main Street Program shall also be an ex-officio member.

This board makes recommendations concerning the programs and expenditures for promotion of conventions and tourism. Staff Contact: Leavenworth Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Kristi Lee, klee@firstcity.org 

Upcoming Meetings