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Matthew Nickel,
Detective Sergeant
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Leavenworth, KS 66048
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The Detective Unit is responsible for criminal and narcotic investigations. Detectives search for, preserve, and collect evidence; interview victims, witnesses, and potential suspects; and conduct follow-up on complex investigations. They also perform tasks such as photographing, fingerprinting, and other tasks at the crime scene and in-house whenever appropriate.  The detectives are also responsible for investigating the sale of narcotics, serving search warrants, and working with informants for undercover operations. They must be knowledgeable of Federal, State, and City Ordinances controlling scheduled narcotics and other controlled substances. Detectives appear in court, present evidence, and assist in filing formal charges with completed reports, prosecution summary, and probable cause affidavits.

The apprehension of drug dealers works best when the community and the police department partners together. There are many times when the police need a little bit more information to get an investigation going. This may be information that you, the citizen, sees on a regular basis due to your location whereas we cannot remain in the same place as often or as long. If you would like to provide information about ongoing drug activity in the City of Leavenworth, please email the department at It is important to provide as much detail as possible-- what may not seem relevant at this time may be a critical piece of information later. Working together, the community and the police department will be more successful at enforcing drug laws.
Reporting information anonymously.
The Leavenworth Police Department encourages citizens to provide any information they have related to criminal and drug activity. We also respect that sometimes citizens wish to provide this information anonymously. If you have any information you wish to provide to us while remaining anonymous, please call our CLUE hotline at (913) 682-CLUE or 682-2583. You do not have to provide your name if you wish and all phone calls are confidential. The more detail you provide, the more successful we will be at keeping the community safe.