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Traffic Unit

patrol cars in front of a buildingThe Traffic Unit is responsible for enforcing the traffic laws in the City of Leavenworth. They investigate vehicle accidents, direct traffic, and assist Patrol units whenever needed. The Parking Enforcement Officer patrols the downtown area by vehicle and on foot, searching out violations and issuing citations.
In addition to enforcement, the Traffic Unit spends a lot of time educating the motoring public about traffic safety. Traffic Officers conduct bimonthly child safety seat inspections. To learn more about child passenger safety or to have your child seat inspected, click here.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Below are a few frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the Traffic Unit.

Q.    Can I ride my mini bike/pocket rocket/ATV/skateboard/roller blades on city streets?

A.    No. (Ord. 7778 Sec.114.1, Ord. 7778 Sec. 109.1, Ord. 7620, and Ord. 7778 Sec. 136)


Q.  Someone is parking in a handicap reserved spot in front of my home. What can I do?

A.   If the car has the proper handicap plate or placard, you can do nothing.  The parking is reserved for ANYONE who has the proper handicap license or placard.  If they do not have the license/placard, call the Police and a citation may be issued for the vehicle.


Q.  What is the speed limit in residential areas?

A.   Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit is 30 mph.


Q.  How do I change the address on my Kansas Driver's License?

A.   You can go to the local Driver's License Examination Office to get it changed, or you can go to the Kansas Department of Revenue website and change it there. An address change form must be completed within ten days of a change in your residence. The State of Kansas will not forward mail to a different address. Go to:


Q.  Do I have to notify the State of Kansas when I move?

A.   Yes, if you have a vehicle registered in this state, file taxes in Kansas, and/or if you have a driver's license in Kansas.  If you fail to notify the State of your new address, official mail from the State will not be forwarded to your new address.


Q.  Do I have to wear my seatbelt?

A.   Yes.  Seatbelts are mandatory now in Kansas-- no matter where you may be seated in the vehicle. It is a fine of $10.00 plus court costs for not wearing it. (Ord. 7778 Sec. 182.1)


Q.  Do my children have to be in a child seat?

A.   Yes and no.  Any child under the age of 4, needs to be in an approved child safety seat.  A child 4 yrs old, but under 8 yrs old, and less that 4'9" tall and under 80 pounds, must be in an approved child booster seat.  Children over 4'9" tall, over 80 pounds, and over 8 yrs old must be restrained by an approved safety belt.  Children under the age of 12 should be restrained in the back seat, for their protection in a crash.  If any child in your vehicle is not properly restrained, a citation for $61.00 could be issued. (Ord. 7778 Sec. 182)



Q.  I drive a commercial motor vehicle. Am I exempt from the mandatory seatbelt requirement?


         A. No. There are no exemptions for drivers of commercial vehicles and this fine is $101.00.



Q.  I was stopped for speeding; does the officer have to show me the radar reading?

A.   No.  The officer is under no legal obligation to show you the radar reading.  He/she can, however, show it to you if they feel it is safe to do so.