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GIS Department

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Welcome to the City of Leavenworth GIS Department!

Click here to access the full City GIS Web Application

GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems...

  • Geography refers to anything that can be located in physical space, but primarily those features that exist on the earth's surface.
  • Information Systems refers a computer-based technology that stores, retrieves, edits, analyzes and publishes geographic information.

What does the City's GIS contain?

  • The City's GIS contains over 80 databases of information about the infrastructure owned by, cared for, or otherwise relates to the City of Leavenworth.  That includes addresses, 911 information, buildings, streets, boundaries, properties, zoning, subdivisions, hydrological data about creeks and the Missouri River, asset inventory, utilities like stormwater, sanitary sewer and water features, also topography, census data and much more.
  • It also serves many of the City's departments by providing maps and websites for the 911 system, police and fire dispatch, police and fire vehicles, trash pickup, snow removal, sidewalk planning, sign inventory and more.

For information about information like property ownership and valuation or GIS data about properties outside the city limits, please follow this link to the Leavenworth County GIS Department:  Leavenworth County GIS Department

For access to other useful paper (PDF) maps, click the links below.

FEMA Flood maps

KDOT Traffic Count Map

Here is the GIS Web Map with just Base Layers.  To view additional layers and functional widgets (departments, printing, searching, etc.), follow the link above or here to the full City GIS Web App.  Thanks.