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Snow Removal


INTRODUCTION: The City of Leavenworth has developed a comprehensive plan that clearly defines the City of Leavenworth's policies and procedures in all snow and ice operations.  All snow and ice control operations are considered emergencies in nature due to public safety and the economic impact to the community. Regardless of the time of day or week, snow and ice operations will be accomplished as expeditiously as possible.  The City of Leavenworth will work to clear snow and ice in the following order: snow emergency routes, public safety facilities, school loading zones on City right-of-way, Leavenworth Central Business District and residential streets.

snow plow1Removal and de-icing will be conducted as quickly as possible during and after the storm. This will be achieved through a combination as necessary of mechanical and chemical means. The City does not have a bare pavement policy. The City will scrape streets and leave the least amount of snow or ice on the streets as possible.  All designated snow emergency routes, which are the main arterial and collector roads, will be given first priority for plowing and de-icing during and after the storm. Snow removal and de-icing operations at the conclusion of the storm will shift to the central business district and the residential streets within city limits. Alleys will not be plowed or de-iced during snow and ice removal operations unless verified emergency requirements dictate that selected alleys be plowed in a manner that minimizes traffic obstructions.

Snow will be plowed from the center line to the right shoulder. On two-lane streets, several plowing passes will be required to plow the streets to full width. If a traffic emergency is declared by the City Manager, residents who have vehicles parked on snow emergency routes (see Map) will have two hours to move their vehicles. The City will ticket or tow vehicles if they are immobilized and remain parked on an emergency snow route. A snow traffic emergency will be announced on Channel 2 and any other available media outlet. 
City personnel will not clear plowed-in driveways, this is the citizen's responsibility. Plowing of streets will result in snow being plowed into driveways and on sidewalks. Shoveling of snow into the street prior to plowing will result in snow being plowed back into driveways and onto sidewalks. Citizens are required to clear snow or apply abrasives and/or de-icers after storms and within 24 hours after the snowfall or ice storm has stopped. If crews should damage private property, you should report this to the Municipal Service Center at 682-0650 as soon as possible. The City will make every effort to clear streets and make this process as efficient, safe and least damaging as possible. The full snow and ice removal plan and a listing of all emergency snow routes will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Channel 2 and in the local newspaper.

Please keep safety in mind when you are out-and-about during snowy and wintery conditions.

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